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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Father of fathers: faithfulness in service.


June 19, 2022

Happy Father’s Day!





1.    Father, by mercy, deliver Ukraine from aggression and war, fight for Ukraine in your mercy in the name of Jesus.

2.   Father, be my Father indeed in every aspect of my life and destiny in the name of Jesus.



I pray that:

May God be your Father in every aspect of your life in the name of Jesus.


Text: 2 Corinthians 6:18

And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” (KJV)

And I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the LORD Almighty.”. (NLT)


Who is a Father?

·       A Father cares for His Children


·       The Father is willing to sacrifice almost anything, including His life for that of His children


·       A Father labors and prays day and night for His children to succeed.


·       Life and light flows from fathers.


·       Unfortunately, darkness can flow from fathers to children.



1.     Children (sons) may be asked to give up what the father/parents have taken or eaten.

So Ben-Hadad said to him, “The cities which my father took from your father I will restore; and you may set up marketplaces for yourself in Damascus, as my father did in Samaria.” Then Ahab said, “I will send you away with this treaty.” So he made a treaty with him and sent him away. (1 Kings 20:34)

1The word of the Lord came to me again, saying, 2“What do you mean when you use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying:

‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes,

And the children’s teeth are set on edge’? (Ezekiel 18)

We will not suffer for what our parents have done in the name of Jesus.

Foundational afflictions, empowered by ancestral sins and errors, break in the name of Jesus.


2.     Fathers are custodians of generational blessings

Esau also made a delicious dish [of meat] and brought it to his father and said to him, “Let my father get up and eat some of his son’s game, so that you may bless me.”

33Then Isaac trembled violently, and he said, “Then who was the one [who was just here] who hunted game and brought it to me? I ate all of it before you came, and I blessed him. Yes, and he [in fact] shall be (shall remain) blessed.”

(Genesis 27:31, 33)

You will not miss your generational blessings in Jesus name.

Every generational curse flowing to you and causing afflictions in your life, dry up in the name of Jesus.

3.     A father comforts.

All praise is due to God the Father, the Father of fathers

3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. (2 Corinthians 1)

May you always have the comfort of God upon your life in Jesus’ name.


4.     People relate to God, based on the ancestral lineage of their father’s house

Number 2:2

Every man of the children of Israel shall pitch by his own standard, with the ensign of their father's house: far off about the tabernacle of the congregation shall they pitch. (KJV)

“The Israelites are to camp around the tent of meeting some distance from it, each of them under their standard and holding the banners of their family.” (NIV)

The Israelites are to camp under their respective banners beside the flags of their ancestral houses. They are to camp around the tent of meeting at a distance from it: (HCSB)

Every ancestral blockage affecting my spiritual life, life, and destiny, collapse by fire in the name of Jesus.


5.     Movement, advancement and following God is influenced by the father’s family emblem (sign, flag, influence)

“Then the Tabernacle, carried by the Levites, will set out from the middle of the camp. All the tribes are to travel in the same order that they camp, each in position under the appropriate family banner. (Numbers 2:17)

Ancestral afflictions of your father’s house shall not hinder your positive progressive movement in Jesus’ name.

In every aspect of life where you have been hitherto hindered by ancestral baggage, regain speed, recovery and move forward in the name of Jesus.



1.    Father, let me not suffer for what my father’s did in the name of Jesus.



May every root of the ensign of your father’s house drawing afflictions into your life, be uprooted by fire and be consumed by fire in the name of Jesus.


Announcements, tithes and offering; and song



1.    Give thanks


2.    Born again?


3.    I will not have to repay what my ancestors have eaten by the power in the blood of Jesus.


4.    Generational curses assigned against my life, destiny and future, break, by the power in the blood of Jesus


5.    I will not miss my generational blessings in the name of Jesus.



6.    I receive healing and deliverance from every sickness and difficult situation in Jesus’ name.


7.    Father lay your hand of healing and deliverance on loved ones with special needs in Jesus’ name.


8.    My life and family are shielded with the blood of Jesus against every attack from the kingdom of darkness in Jesus’ name.


9.    I receive the anointing of ease in my endeavors in Jesus’ name.


10.Joy, peace, prosperity sound health and flourishing, come upon my life in the name of Jesus.


11.Personal prayer points.


12.Give thanks.


May God, the Father of fathers always show you His love and affection in the name of Jesus.

May the protection of God and His loving care, always be on your life and destiny in the name of Jesus.

May God always provide for you, meet you at the point of your needs, make ways for you, may you never lack in the name of Jesus.

May God’s Fatherly mercy, preserve you in the faith unto eternal life and may He be gracious unto you all your days in Jesus mighty name!