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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The Lord is passing by!

“….Go out and stand on the mountain in the LORD's presence." At that moment, the LORD passed by.”… 1 Kings 19:11


The Lord passed by?:

• Why would the Lord pass by those He is supposed to help?

• He is the all knowing God, meaning He knows my situation and problems before I call.

• He is also the Omnipotent God, meaning He is all powerful and can do all things: – He created the sun, moon, stars, – He created me and the things I need;

• But sometimes it looks as if He is bypassing me and not attending to what He knows I need when He can simply wave His hand and supply my needs.

• He is passing me by and moving on.

• That was the situation Elijah was in

• The disciples were in the same boat when they were faced with a tornado (you may call it a storm or hurricane as in Matthew 14:24).  Jesus would have gone past them (Mark 6:48), but they did some things that put an end to their storm, gave them peace and brought them to their desired destination.  They did not know initially that it was Jesus. They thought it was a ghost.

• How do I to know when the Lord is passing by? (some called have called Jesus a traitor, liar – blasphemer like that Pharisees; some ignored Him, some did not even know; some knew and were just following, but did not experience a change/any changes).


• What should I do so as not to be bypassed?

• What should I do to attract His attention?

• What should you and I do when it seems we have been forgotten? You can sing: – When you come and collect your people remember me O Lord – By the rivers of Babylon there we sat down, yea, we wept when we remembered Zion

• Sometimes singing songs of sorrow or weeping is difficult and does not even sound melodious to your own ears.

• What should I do to obtain deliverance? Similar to the Raid on Entebbe where the plane of their salvation came by, landed for them and took them to their land and home of peace - promotion came for them.


So What Should you do when the Lord is passing by?


Call or have someone call on your behalf like Lazarus, speak for those who cannot speak on their own behalf. Similar to a situation of pallor mortis (when the heart has stooped beating) or rigor mortis (when the body has stiffened after death and the color has started growing pale) notwithstanding. All these and much more had happened to Lazarus and the Lord gave Lazarus and his family a miracle and brought him back. It does not matter how bad your condition or situation is, the Lord can give you a miracle today. Ask Blind Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus called on Jesus, Jesus stopped, attended to him; he walked away from that encounter with Jesus with his eyes open, seeing.


May you receive your miracle as you call on Him in Jesus name! Call on God who is near you. He is not far away.


The SS Californian was 6 miles away from the Titanic when it sank in 1912. It was noted that the on duty wireless operator Jack Phillips was busy trying to contact Cape Race Newfoundland – about 800 miles/1,300 km away and told the SS Californian wireless operator Cyril Evans to shut up (twice) as he – Jack – was busy working Cape Race). At a subsequent inquiry it was determined that the SS Californian which was empty at the time of passengers and cargo could have saved many if not all who were lost when the Titanic sank. Call on God who is near you.


Worship – in Matthew 15:22-28, a woman with a daughter who was possessed by a demon came to Jesus, despite Jesus’ disciples sending her away, they further asked Jesus to send her away, she refused to go back to her and continue with her negative, dejected situation. She stayed put and continued appealing – praying – then Jesus told her that He cannot help her and He was sent to the Jews, she worshipped Jesus, called Him Lord and went home with her miracle. Worship Jesus.


I heard about the case of a mother who was a Vice-Principal of a school, she had 7 children, all of whom were university graduates, but she was the person responsible for feeding all of them – until – she attended a prayer and worship programme subsequent to which the pilot got a $10m contract in another country, because power had changed hands. When the woman came to testify, she had the keys of an SUV in her hands.


Worship Him, come what may.


Dance – A certain brother had been failing his high school exams for years. He would attempt it twice a year and always had the same results – all subjects failed. In a particular year, he refused to register and sit for the exams, to have a break; but he received results from an examination he did not register for – all subjects failed. He subsequently travelled to his village and during the night he started having a night vigil, praising, dancing, praying and making declarations, which amounted to curses on the forces responsible for his failure; after which one of the notable witches came out and said, please that is enough, is it not your exam results, don’t worry it will be okay from now. The brother went back to town, registered for the next examination, sat and passed with flying colours. We must be ready to dance for our God in total submission to Him. If the enemy can dance to destroy the people of God, as Herodias daughter danced in Matthew 14:1-12 to the end purpose of cutting off John the Baptist’s head; we should be able to dance onto preservation and redemption from constant failure.



Give thanks.

• Saved?

• I will prevail over every opposition in Jesus name.

• Every problem targeted at my future to make me weep, scatter to desolation in Jesus name.

• Father, make haste to help me in Jesus name.

• Lord, do not pass me by; attend speedily to my requests in Jesus name.

• Personal prayer points.